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The Best Node.js IDEs in the Market Right Now

The demand for Node.js specialization has been at a peak for quite some time. This is not surprising, since it is not every day that one comes across an environment that provides extensive cross-platform features and is also great at making a Javascript code run even in the absence of a web browser. In fact, 85% of the node.js users actually use it for the purpose of web development!

However, it is also important to make sure that the code we want to run has been properly edited and put through debugging before actually running it. This is where an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) comes in.

Let us have a look at some of the best node.js IDEs that help smoothen the execution of codes over Node.js.

Best Node.js IDEs for Programming

Cloud 9

Want an online editing platform that lets you edit and develop codes for free, and is also cloud-based? Cloud 9 is the one for you! The best part of using this environment is that you can develop your code even without a server, and can also be used to edit codes for other platforms. What’s more, you even get a preview of the application you are developing before you go ahead with running the coding and debugging of your code. Two other features of this IDE are image editing features and key binding editing.


Just like Cloud 9, even Koding is a node.js editor that is Cloud-based. This IDE is open-source in nature and has the ability to utilize multiple languages used for scripting. These include Javascript which is a necessity for node.js, Ruby, etc. Koding makes sure to highlight the syntax you use for your code and has unique facilities like multiple cursors. The best part is that Koding provides you with your own workspace. 

Like Cloud 9, you can also have a preview of the code you are developing on Koding, and make similar edits at the same time for your convenience.

IntelliJ IDEA

You would be amazed to know that about 55 to 60% of users who use IDEs, in general, are actually Intellij IDEA users. Intellij IDEA is not just the ideal IDE for Node.js, but it acts like the perfect IDE for a vast amount of platforms as well as scripting languages. If you are planning to develop a top-notch app, then IntelliJ IDEA is the perfect pick for you. You have complete control over the version of the app you’re developing using this environment. 

You can later on whichever version of your work you would prefer. This Node.js editor also has provisions for a decompiler which would definitely make your work easier.

Komodo IDE

From JavaScript to PHP to Node.js, there are a few major programming languages that Komodo IDE does not support. Using this IDE for node.js development is one of the best options because it provides various features that will help the user to enhance the intelligence of the code you are trying to develop. You can also customize the configurations on this platform while making use of the various shortcuts that make your work way easier. If you also want to debug the graphics on the app you are developing, then Komodo is the right option for you. 

About 56.4% of users of this node.js IDE have been using Komodo IDE from more than one device.

Visual Studio Code

The aim of this IDE is to make sure that the procedure of developing one’s own code and in turn application remains as devoid of a hassle as possible. This is an IDE for Node.js that has been developed by Microsoft and enables you to debug the code at the same time as editing the code created. This IDE can be run on Windows, macOS, as well as Linux. You can also view small snippets of the code that you’re working on, and edit your code from workspaces located in different origin points.


The best feature of this environment is that you no longer have to memorize and keep in mind the various code functions, attributes, and alternative syntaxes. This is because CodeLobster comes with a feature to autocomplete whatever syntax you haven’t completed. You can easily highlight the portions of your code as well as choose which version of the program you would prefer. What’s more? You can now code in about seventeen languages!


While these are some of the node.js editors that are the best options for developing any code or app, there are also other IDEs that will presumably be of great help to people who are interested in coding or application development. 

Some IDEs like Gitpod, Atom, Bracket, WebMatrix, and Aptana definitely deserve a special mention. For a Node.js developer, these IDEs are of a lot of help because their framework is of crucial importance for effective app development.

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