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Mobile software development; Native or Web?

When you’re faced with two options, it’s common to create a list of advantages and disadvantages between both of your options, for then to weigh these up against each other. When your choice is whether or not to go for native mobile or a responsive web app, your list might resemble the following – As in, these are the advantages you’ll have when creating a web app.

  • You don’t need to send Apple 25% of your earnings
  • You won’t be thrown out of the AppStore because of competing with some Apple product
  • You don’t have to create 3 versions of your app, in 3 different programming languages, being Swift, Java and PHP/Python/.Net/etc
  • You don’t need 3x as many developers to maintain your app further down the line
  • You don’t have to fight with neither Flutter nor Xamarin for “device x with resolution y” because of “missing feature z”
  • Etc, etc, etc …

The above are some of the advantages you’ll have if you create a responsive web app. We all know the arguments in favour of building native – However, the primary (only?) argument really seems to be some permutation of “you can’t do that with the web”. Well, we built a complete IDE, SQL Workbench, Cloud platform, etc, etc, etc, where the system produces according to neutral metrics between 50 and 80 percent of your backend code automatically for you, and to prove it, I just published a YouTube video where I in real time create 3,300 lines of backend code, from my iPhone, resulting in 100+ HTTP endpoints, securely wrapping my database. The video is 3 minutes and 53 seconds long.

Sorry, we were right and you were wrong!

I think the above video is all the arguments you will ever need, and the conclusion of course is; GO WEB! Simply because of that (almost) regardless of what problem domain you’re within, it is highly unlikely more complex than what I am showing in the above video, implying the only argument in favour of building natively is a false argument. Psst, the above is a web app …

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