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Google has launched a next-gen AI model ‘Pathways’ | by Tapaan Chauhan

Google has decided to step ahead by bringing the new model of artificial intelligence that is capable of doing multiple tasks. It’s overtaking all the singularly designed models by tying all the specialized models used in a multimodel all-rounder. The AI model is meant to cover a wider array of tasks than a one-way centered designed model in use. The new AI is most likely to be performed like a human brain.

“That’s more or less how we train most machine learning models today. Rather than extending existing models to learn new tasks, we train each new model from nothing to do one thing and one thing only (or we sometimes specialize a general model to a specific task). The result is that we end up developing thousands of models for thousands of individual tasks,” Google stated in a Blog Post while announcing the new model.

Additionally, the AI is also capable of applying its knowledge from its’ existing skill to learn a new skill. Google has decided to launch such an AI model after looking over the fact that today’s neural network can only produce either texting, audio, or voice abilities but this one can operate three of these.

“People rely on multiple senses to perceive the world. That’s very different from how contemporary AI systems digest information. Most of today’s models process just one modality of information at a time. They can take in text, or images or speech — but typically not all three at once, That’s why we’re building Pathways,”- Google Vice president stated.

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