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Alexa is now live. Well, have you been working alone… | by Tapaan Chauhan

Well, have you been working alone lately? Or are you planning one such work to complete, but worried about your dearly elderly relatives you have to take care of? Don’t worry pal, when you have Alexa.

Through an Amazon Echo-series speaker or screen, Alexa Together offers a solution to look after your aging relatives and those with special needs.

It’s a follow-up to previous year’s Alexa Care Hub, which was launched. Alexa Together, unlike the free Care Hub, is a subscription-based service.

Well, talking about your pockets, it prices $19.99 per month or $199 per year, with a 6-month trial version (or a year free if you’ve used Alexa Care before).

What is the justification for the expense? Amazon Alexa Together has a 24-hour Urgent Response line. In an urgent situation, this allows the user to speak with a trained call handler rather than depending on a list of emergency contacts who may miss the warning.

Third-party fall response detectors from companies like Vayyar and SkyAngelCare are supported by Alexa Together, so this urgent response line isn’t solely reliant on the individual asking Alexa for assistance. Other Alexa Together features are available to caregivers and are comparable to what we observed in Care Hub in 2020. On your beloved one’s Echo, you can arrange reminders and notifications, manage shopping lists, and monitor an activity stream of their Echo interactions.

If Alexa hasn’t been engaged by a specific time each day, Alexa Together can send you a notification. These notifications and controls can be accessed by several people.

The person being cared for seems to be the focus of the subscription, rather than the caregiver. Amazon, on the other hand, says that this multi-person participation functionality will be available next year.

Drop-In, Call, Message, and Remote Assist are the four basic ways to interact with the other people in the Alexa Together app.

Drop-In uses an Echo as a walkie-talkie, and Remote Assist is apparently where you communicate with their Alexa instance straight.

You’ll need to install at least one Echo or Alexa-enabled speaker in the person’s house to just get started. Several are suggested by Amazon.

The system will operate well if connecting with Alexa is made easier.

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