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How to link Sonos and Echo speakers together and form groups? | by Tapaan Chauhan

  • In the upper right corner, choose the Devices button, and the Plus icon. Introduce a new group by selecting Add Group and giving it a title. The nickname ‘Music: room name’ was chosen.
  • Next select the Echo device you desire to use to power a Sonos speaker (quick suggestion: you can select several Echos, which is useful if you have a pair in close vicinity to the Sonos speaker you intend to use).
  • –Select the Sonos speaker(s) you wish to add to the group by scrolling down. Although we say speaker(s),’ we advocate only owning one and utilizing the Sonos app to group them together.
  • Save the file.
  • Your newly established group should now appear on the main Devices panel.
  • In the Favored speaker area of that group’s panel, click Setup, and then pick the Sonos speaker you wish to use as the default for music playing.
  • You’re done when you hit Save.

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