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10 best resume builder apps for Android

CV Engineer best resume apps for android

Job searches are already fairly stressful. You should be able to build a resume without adding to that stress. Resumes are important because it gives you a single document you can send to multiple employers. It has your contact info, job history, references, and all kinds of valuable information for employers. It’s way easier to hand out a well-made resume than it is to fill out dozens of applications. Additionally, many jobs require both an application and resume anyway and it’s always good to be prepared. Here are the best resume builder apps for Android. Of course, many of these are useful for CVs for you academics out there.

The best resume builder apps for Android

CV Engineer

Price: Free / Up to $5.99

CV Engineer screenshot 2022

CV Engineer is a popular app in this space. It features a bunch of resumes, simple controls, and you can export in PDF format when you’re done. You simply fill out each field until the whole thing is finished so it’s easy enough for just about anyone to use. The app was also designed by a recruitment consultant so the templates are reasonably decent for just about anything. You can make resumes and CVs for free and contribute later if you want to.

Free Resume Builder

Price: Free / $1.49

Free Resume Builder screenshot

Free Resume Builder by Magnetic Lab is one of the better free resume builder apps. It has a bunch of customizable sections for whatever kind of resume you want to build. This includes an advanced resume editor where you can reformat the template to your choosing. Some other features include PDF format support, the ability to duplicate resumes, and you can even use a photo if you want to. Finally, we quite liked the UI and information input with this one. It’s super easy and it looks good. You can pay the $1.49 in-app purchase to remove ads if you want to.

LinkedIn screenshot 2021

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Everybody knows about LinkedIn. The service is a social media website mixed with a job search website and it’s also a source of information for various types of professionals. Your profile is basically your resume. You put your background, job experience, and education experience there. People can then connect with you or you can apply for jobs right there on the site. It has its ups and downs both in popularity and functionality. However, it’s easily the largest website on the Internet that does what this app does. LinkedIn also has an excellent professional learning app called Linked Learning if you want to brush up on some job skills.

Microsoft Word

Price: Free / $6.99-$9.99 per month / $149.99 once

Microsoft Word screenshot 2022 2

Microsoft Word is the original resume builder app. People use this one for building a resume to this day and have for decades at this point. The app has templates and it leverages its word processing capabilities to generate some really neat-looking stuff. You can export in a variety of formats, including Word’s native format or PDF if you choose. The mobile version doesn’t have a ton of available templates but it has a good basic option. You’ll likely have more luck on the web version or the desktop version if you have access to those.

Professional Resume Builder

Price: Free / $2.49

Professional Resume Builder screenshot 2021

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Professional Resume Builder is a decent resume app. You can customize your resume with a bunch of things, including more niche stuff like multiple languages, publications, and your picture and signature. You can even create custom sections if you want to. The app is entirely free to use with ads and the $2.49 payment removes the advertising. It’s nice to see things kept simple. It exports to PDF as per the norm and the editor is fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it.

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Price: Free (with ads)

Resumaker screenshot

Resumaker is an up-and-coming resume builder app. It covers all of the usual basis. You can do both resumes and CVs with it, there are multiple templates for each, and it’s easy enough to fill one out and export it. You can customize every letter of your resume if you need to and you can even make it colorful if you want. It exports to PDF format as most do. The templates look clean for the most part as well. The app is entirely free with ad support. There are some complaints of some minor bugs, but nothing major.

Resume Builder App

Price: Free (with ads)

Resume Builder App screenshot

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Resume Builder App by Intelligent CV is another reasonably competent resume builder app. The app boasts hundreds of templates for both resumes and CVs. Additionally, it exports to PDF as usual, includes a cover letter, and you can add photos of yourself if you want to. It does all of the basics right. The app is totally free and supported by advertisements. That makes it a good bargain for folks who can’t afford it right now. Plus, the UI and the live editor are both pretty good too.

Resume Builder Free CV Maker

Price: Free (with ads)

Resume Builder CV Maker screenshot 2022

Resume Builder Free CV Maker is an awful name for an app but this one does a good job. It boasts over 50 templates for both resumes and CVs. You also get an auto-save function, multiple resumes, PDF support, email support, and it’s relatively customizable. You should be able to find all of the tools to make a decent resume or CV with this app. Some complain about the frequency of the ads, but it’s a free app so it’s difficult to complain too much. There really isn’t anything flashy about it. It just makes resumes.

Top Resume

Price: Free (with ads)

Top Resume screenshot is one of the best resume builder apps

Top Resume is not the most popular resume builder app on the list, but it does a fairly decent job. The app has a few different templates, exports to PDF format, and it’s actually quite easy to use. That’s a good trifecta of features for a resume builder. The process is relatively hassle-free and the app is also free with ad support like most of the other free resume builder apps on the list. There are a few things people would like to see changed, but the developer seems to be active within its review section and improvements should come with time.

Job Search apps

Price: Free / Varies

Indeed Job Search screenshot 2021

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Many job search apps have resume builders as part of the app itself. One such example is Indeed Job Search. Most job search apps don’t advertise a resume builder, but about half of them actually have one. This is a good option for finding a job because you can create your resume and immediately turn around and find potential employers to send it to. Of course, this locks you into that job search app’s ecosystem but as long as you find a job, it doesn’t matter that much right? We have Indeed linked up at the button below, but there are dozens of them on Google Play.

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