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The best dialer apps and contacts apps for Android

Phone by Google screenshot 2021

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Dialer apps and contacts apps are a bit of a niche market. In most cases, the stock dialer and contacts app is more than good enough most of the time. However, there are times when it becomes necessary. Maybe your OEM dialer app is having bug problems or maybe you just want something different. We considered doing a separate list for contacts apps. However, generally speaking, one includes the other anyway, so it was easier to just do one list. Here are the best dialer apps and contacts apps for Android.

The best dialer apps and contacts apps for Android


Price: Free / Up to $3.99

Drupe is one of the most popular dialer apps on mobile. It features a modern, beautiful interface along with a call recorder, smart dialer, call blocker, and methods to deal with duplicate contacts. It can even send GIFs to people when you call them, but both people need to have Drupe installed for that to work. The app covers all of the basics and does many of them better than the stock app. It has the occasional bug, but nothing serious. It’s free to download for the most part. Some features require purchase via in-app purchases. This app also had a security issue earlier in 2018. It’s resolved now, but we still recommending treading with caution with this one.

Phone by Google screenshot 2021

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Google has pretty good solutions for both of these. Phone and Contacts are separate apps in the Play Store. The first is basically Google’s base dialer app. It does things like give you spam warnings, a caller ID, and you can even search for nearby places in the app to get that location’s phone number. Meanwhile, the Contacts (Google Play link) is a basic, but effective contacts app. You can save your contacts, back them up to your Google account, and restore them later on other devices. Android has this functionality built-in but it’s nice to use the app at the front. Some features include merging duplicate contacts, separating work versus personal numbers, and more. You can get Contacts at the link above or Phone at the button below.

Simple Contacts Pro

Price: $1.19

Simple Contacts Pro screenshot 2022

Simple Contacts is, well, a simple contacts app. It requires no extraneous permissions and it has no fancy tricks up its sleeve. It’s just a simple app for managing your contacts. You can also manage email contacts as well as events. There is also a dialer as well. That’s about all this app does, really, and that’s okay. Sometimes you want to strip away the extra niceties and just have a simple place to manage your contacts list. This app does that admirably. It’s also open source and has no ads. There is a free version. However, it’s not longer under active development in favor of the premium version. Thus, if you want the actively developed version, it runs $1.19. We think that’s reasonable

Truecaller screenshot 2022

Truecaller is one of the most popular and powerful contacts apps and dialer apps. It even works as an SMS app. It includes a laundry list of features for the dialer, contacts, and SMS portions of the app. That includes an SMS spam filter, call blocking, dual-SIM support, and a lot more. It also boasts the best caller ID out there. The interface uses a basic Material Design. We’re not going to complain about that! The only real downside is the price. This is one of the only dialer apps or contacts apps with a subscription. It’s not necessary to use the basic features, but $17.99 per year is a little steep for our tastes.

True Phone Dialer

Price: Free / Up to $9.99

True Phone Dialer screenshot 2020

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

True Phone Dialer is one of the most popular dialer apps on Android. It has a lot of decent design and functionality options. The app shows large pictures of the caller and you can set the style to match a lot of popular OEMs like Google, Apple, and others. The customization is quite nice and the functionality works too. You can add various bits of information to a person’s contact profile like their birthday or other notes. The app seems to work fine for most folks and it worked fine in our testing. However, some complain about the phone not waking up to show them a caller ID during phone calls.

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