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Benefits of React Over Angular 2022 Tip

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Check Benefits of React Over Angular

Angular is an open source framework that allows developers to use HTML as a template language. On the other hand, React or React JS is an open source front-end JavaScript library that you can use to create UI components. Both are used to create applications. People often say that comparing the two is like apples to oranges due to their clear differences. Aside from one being a full MVC framework and the other being more of a “V” in MVC, Angular is designed to use TypeScript, while React recommends using JSX. Facebook, the creator of React, chose a different architecture than AngularJS and similar MVC frameworks. In short, there is no “correct” structure for apps built with React.

Easy to learn and use, and with dozens of tutorials and training resources, React has a much easier learning curve than Angular, so much so that anyone familiar with JavaScript can be up and running in a matter of days. Thousands of developers have chosen to build React CMS frameworks on top of Angular for this reason.

React is a great JavaScript library that helps us update the view for the user. But React still doesn’t let us create our own apps. The library is missing the model and controller layers. To fill the gap, Facebook introduced Flux, which today has numerous flavors to control the workflow of the app. Angular was first released by Google in 2010 under the name AngularJS and is only maintained by Google. It is one of the fastest launched web frameworks, followed by several versions.

History of React vs Angular

React and Angular are frameworks currently available under the MIT license. Facebook develops and maintains React and it was first launched in 2013. Facebook relies heavily on this technology as it is widely used in all of its apps. React has a bright future due to its rich feature set compared to any other JavaScript framework.

Angular as version 2 and above was developed and maintained by Google and was originally released in September 2016. Google tends to release updates for current versions of Angular. It is considered one of the most promising projects of Google, since it is used in the famous Google Adwords.

Final words: Benefits of React Over Angular

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