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Reference: Non-Printable Characters List – DZone Web Dev

Non-printable characters on Linux, macOS, or Windows are characters that do not represent a symbol, character, or number that is part of the document’s text, but rather are used for things like character encoding. A full list of all non-printable characters along with their decimal and hexidecimal codes are shown below.

How to Find Non-Printable Characters in a File

If you need to see all nonprintable characters in a document, you can use cat -v filename.txt in terminal to find them, where filename.txt is the file you want to show. The contents of the file, along with the non-printable characters in caret notation will be shown in your terminal window.

For a full list of the caret notation for non-printable characters, see the list below.

Full Non-Printable Characters List

Below, find a list of all non-printable characters, along with their binary, decimal and hexadecimal codes. You can also find their escape sequence (used in many programming languages), and caret notation (used with cat -v).

NameBinaryDecimalHexadecimalOctalCaret NotationEscape Sequence
Null000 0000000000^@
Start of Heading (SOH)000 0001101001^A
Start of Text (STX)000 0010202002^B
End of Text (ETX)000 0011303003^C
End of Transmission (EOT)000 0100404004^D
Enquiry (ENQ)000 0101505005^E
Acknowledgement (ACK)000 0110606006^F
Beep (BEL)000 0111707007^Ga
Backspace (BS)000 1000808010^Hb
Horizontal Tab (HT)000 1001909011^It
Line Feed (LF)000 1010100A012^Jn
Vertical Tab (VT)000 1011110B013^Kv
Form Feed (FF)000 1100120C014^Lf
Carriage Return (CR)000 1101130D015^Mr
Shift Out (SO)000 1110140E016^N
Shift In (SI)000 1111150F017^O
Data Link Escape (DLE)001 00001610020^P
Device Control 1 (DC1, often XON)001 00011711021^Q
Device Control 2 (DC2)001 00101812022^R
Device Control 3 (DC3, often XOFF)001 00111913023^S
Device Control 4 (DC4)001 01002014024^T
Negative Acknowledgement (NAK)001 01012115025^U
Synchronous Idle (SYN)001 01102216026^V
End of Transmission Block (ETB)001 01112317027^W
Cancel (CAN)001 10002418030^X
End of Medium (EM)001 10012519031^Y
Substitute (SUB)001 1010261A032^Z
Escape (ESC)001 1011271B033^[e
File Separator (FS)001 1100281C034^
Group Separator (GS)001 1101291D035^]
Record Separator (RS)001 1110301E036^^
Unit Separator (US)001 1111311F037^_
Delete (DEL)111 11111277F177^?

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