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Build realtime infrastructure in-house or outsource to the experts?

It’s a tough question for many engineering decision makers. Many times, the easiest way to make a decision is to learn from peer experiences.

This is why Ably surveyed over 500 engineering leaders: to understand the challenges they faced when building and maintaining their own realtime, event-driven, edge messaging infrastructure in order to create shared live experiences for end users. Chat, order delivery tracking, live streaming, virtual events and simultaneous document collaboration are just a few examples of what this infrastructure enables.

Key findings in this report include:

  • 89% of engineering leaders say scalable edge messaging infrastructure provides a competitive advantage.
  • 69% of self-build projects lasted more than three months and 93% needed more than 4 engineers.
  • 41% indicate that missed deadlines and extended timelines are significant problems when building infrastructure in-house.

Download the full report to learn:

  • Cost and time to build and maintain realtime edge messaging infrastructure.
  • Cost and time to expand and deliver realtime edge messaging at scale.
  • The advantage of working with a Platform-as-a-Service provider over building realtime edge messaging infrastructure in-house.

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