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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited for Era of Conquest

For the uninitiated, Era of Conquest is a real-time strategy game that’s currently only available in mainland China. It sees you playing as a fallen lord, trying to regain your lost power through scheming and bloodshed.

The first thing you have to do in Era of Conquest is pick a civilization. French, German, Arab, Viking, British, and several others are on offer, all of them distinctly recognizable on the battlefield.

Arab soldiers wear flowing white capes and wield curved scimitars, for instance, while the Romans wear chest plates, tunics, and helmets with those distinctive red crests.

You start your campaign in a fog-shrouded city, where nobody can find and destroy you. Here you’ll learn the basics of combat and army management, before heading out to conquer the universe.

Your adventure will see you summoning various legends from history into your army, to help rally your troops and terrify your opponents. You’ll also gather special corps, join alliances, and construct fortresses and command posts to hold the territory you’ve taken.

At this point you’d be forgiven for thinking that Era of Conquest isn’t bringing much to the table in terms of innovation. But you’d be wrong.

Here are five reasons that you should be excited for Era of Conquest.

1. Firstly, millions of players have already given it the thumbs up. While Era of Conquest isn’t available outside mainland China yet, it’s gone down an absolute storm in its native country.

Era of Conquest has hit the number 1 spot on the Chinese download charts, as well as earning a coveted Featured spot on the front page of the App Store on several occasions.

Forget reviews. If you want to know whether a game is worth playing, you just have to look at how successful it is. On that count, Era of Conquest is a no-brainer.

2. It looks great.

Despite the graphical capability of smartphones these days, developers all too often churn out technically undemanding games with basic 2D visuals.

There’s none of that in Era of Conquest. This is a stunning, fully 3D strategy game that takes place in a world you’d happily live in.

Trees sway in the breeze, smoke billows from campfires, light plays on the surface of the sea, and soldiers charge at each other with weapons flailing.

Era of Conquest is like a living diorama.

3. The difference is, dioramas are small and Era of Conquest is absolutely massive.

The continent that you’re aiming to conquer covers a huge amount of fantasy real estate, and every inch is crammed with resources to plunder and challenges to complete.

4. And everybody is welcome. Not only does Era of Conquest support up to 6,000 troops on the screen at the same time, but its global servers allow players from all around the world to play together.

Era of Conquest also supports 19 different languages. Plus, it’s fully cross-platform, so that players on Android, iOS, and even Steam/PC can rub shoulders, share strategies, and try to crush one another in battle. Hooray!

5. Perhaps our favorite thing about Era of Conquest is that it’s totally fair. The only ways to replenish your troop numbers are to wait or to open conscription boxes, which you can win by taking part in PvP battles.

In other words, you can’t buy your way to victory by spending resources or gold. However well off you are IRL, your only way to get ahead in Era of Conquest is through skill and effort.

If you’re lucky, you can start refining those skills when the game’s closed beta test begins next month.

In the meantime, follow Era of Conquest on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord to get the latest news.

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