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Alexa and Cortana end their partnership quietly. | by Tapaan Chauhan

Now, if you ask Alexa to use Cortana for some reason you will just hear Alexa says “sorry, the service is no longer available”. The main reason behind this is the removal of the deal that Alexa had made with microphone Cortana a few years ago. Both of them wiped the integration away without making much noise among fans. Officially the climax of this connection was made on September 18 but didn’t get much spotlight.

Cortana and Alexa tied their connection for Cortana to reach a much wider audience than it had with their own Cortana products. But now, there’s nothing to wonder about the decision behind this disconnection as it’s pretty obvious. However, the importance of the deal always remains iconic as back then Alexa was just a new platform that was providing the ability to run Microsoft programs like Outlook through Cortana. It’s not like they have disconnected themselves from other integration as Alexa can still work on Windows PCs.

However, it’s not the time for Cortana to dissolve because it’s still available in other terms, it’s just done with its smart speaker abilities. You can still use it via Microsoft Outlook to set up any conference or join just by commanding.

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