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Autocomplete Dropdown For React Native

A dropdown item picker with search and autocomplete (typeahead) functionality for React Native.

How to use it:

1. Installation.

# Yarn
$ yarn add react-native-autocomplete-dropdown

$ npm i react-native-autocomplete-dropdown

2. Import the autocomplete dropdown component.

import { AutocompleteDropdown } from 'react-native-autocomplete-dropdown';

3. Basic usage.

const [selectedItem, setSelectedItem] = useState(null);
  initialValue={{ id: '2' }} // or just '2'
    { id: '1', title: 'Alpha' },
    { id: '2', title: 'Beta' },
    { id: '3', title: 'Gamma' },

4. The dataset should be a JS object or array as follows:

  { id: "1", title: "Alpha" },
  { id: "2", title: "Beta" },
  { id: "3", title: "Gamma" }

5. Available props.

dataSet?: TAutocompleteDropdownItem[];
inputHeight?: number;
suggestionsListMaxHeight?: number;
initialValue?: string | object;
loading?: boolean;
useFilter?: boolean;
showClear?: boolean;
showChevron?: boolean;
closeOnBlur?: boolean;
closeOnSubmit?: boolean;
clearOnFocus?: boolean;
debounce?: number;
direction?: 'down' | 'up';
position?: 'absolute' | 'relative';
bottomOffset?: number;
textInputProps?: TextInputProps;
onChangeText?: (text: string) => void;
onSelectItem?: (item: TAutocompleteDropdownItem) => void;
renderItem?: (
  item: TAutocompleteDropdownItem,
  searchText: string,
) => JSX.Element;
onOpenSuggestionsList?: (isOpened: boolean) => void;
onClear?: () => void;
onChevronPress?: () => void;
onSubmit?: TextInputProps['onSubmitEditing'];
onBlur?: TextInputProps['onBlur'];
onFocus?: TextInputProps['onFocus'];
controller?: (controller: AutocompleteDropdownRef) => void;
containerStyle?: StyleProp<ViewStyle>;
inputContainerStyle?: StyleProp<ViewStyle>;
rightButtonsContainerStyle?: StyleProp<ViewStyle>;
suggestionsListContainerStyle?: StyleProp<ViewStyle>;
suggestionsListTextStyle?: StyleProp<TextStyle>;
ChevronIconComponent?: JSX.Element;
ClearIconComponent?: JSX.Element;
InputComponent?: React.ComponentType;
ItemSeparatorComponent?: JSX.Element;
EmptyResultComponent?: JSX.Element;
emptyResultText?: string;
flatListProps?: FlatListProps<any>


Autocomplete Dropdown For React Native

Download Details:

Author: onmotion

Live Demo: View The Demo

Download Link: Download The Source Code

Official Website: https://github.com/onmotion/react-native-autocomplete-dropdown

License: MIT

Credit: Source link

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