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Ultimate Omnichannel Guide for Retailers

Struggles of omnichannel

According to McKinsey, there are 4 main challenges that any omnichannel retailer faces up with:

  • Lack of customer analytics across the channels (66.67%)
  • Lack of internal coordination (48.48%)
  • Poor data quality (45.45%)
  • Inability to identify customers across the shopping journey (45.45%) 

How to deal with the omnichannel challenges?

To help merchants deal with these challenges, Magenest gives you some practical and useful methods based on the advice of eCommerce experts:

  • Map consumer and service journeys
  • Implement IT architecture
  • Create a consistent and engaging customer experience across channels
  • Collect the right data to support the end goal
  • Apply always-on digital supply network

With Ultimate Omnichannel Guide for Retailers ebook, you can have a precise and sufficient retail consumer perspective, the challenges retailers have to deal with, and find out how to decipher the omnichannel puzzle! 

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