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Top 5 Best Web Application Penetration Testing Services

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Businesses with strong online presence know that penetration testing, also known as Pen Testing, is the most extensively employed security testing approach for web applications. Most penetration testing firms include web application penetration testing, which involves simulating unauthorized assaults on sensitive data either within or outside.

Web penetration assists companies in determining the possibility that a hacker can access data from the internet. It aims to strengthen the security of servers and web hosting sites to avoid falling victim to malicious activities.

What Is Penetration Testing?

Pen Tests, otherwise known as ethical hacking, primarily refer to the imitation of cyberattacks to determine if unauthorized individuals can access your system. It investigates the possible severity and amount of damage and which specific data could be affected.

In addition, penetration testing services aid in revealing undiscovered vulnerabilities. Most importantly, they assist in evaluating the result of the overall security procedures. They also give their input or solutions on how to strengthen your security policies.

Why Do We Need Penetration Testing?

Currently, there has been a significant surge in various cybercrime assaults and other dubious methods used by hackers to infiltrate systems. Unfortunately, web applications are more vulnerable to regular cyberattacks, compromising data, whether it is sensitive information about your staff or clients.

Who Can Perform Penetration Testing?

This article will focus more on web penetration testing services. Companies who offer these primarily have security specialists to validate the integrity of web-facing cyber assets and systems. Alternatively, an automated system could execute the task. So, here are the top 5 best penetration testing services specializing in web applications:

#1 RedTeam Security

RedTeam Security provides manual web application penetration testing by skilled and qualified penetration testers. You can use this solution to identify security flaws in your web spaces, draw attention to potential real-world threats to your company, or assist you in mapping out a strategy for resolving and correcting any uncovered application security problems.

RedTeam Securityr

(Photo : Screenshot from RedTeam Security Official Website)

Pen testers at RedTeam are aware of the common errors that developers might make. Thus, they go beyond testing simple attempts that could damage a web program. Their security experts utilize their skills to identify important concerns before they become a security disaster. Pen testers function as ethical hackers during the testing process to assist firms in avoiding technological debt from previous blunders. The purpose is to give companies confidence in the cybersecurity protection that security testing processes provide.

Web application penetration testing services from RedTeam Security consist of a Dedicated Client Portal, On-demand penetration testing tools, a Research-focused Approach, and Free Remediation Testing. They ensure that you obtain a thorough risk analysis at the end of each web app penetration test. They also advise correcting the issues to strengthen your security infrastructure and avoid further attacks by cybercriminals.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Services offered by seasoned, ethical hackers

  • Dedicated Client Portal with On-demand Tools

  • Seeks security threats in your web environment

  • Research-based strategies with free remediation testing

  • Aims to strengthen your security defenses

#2 Veracode

Veracode is a web application penetration testing software with automated testing capabilities. This automatic scan looks for common issues in your application. You may also opt for manual testing, in which security testing experts execute manual attack simulations to identify additional major web app integrity problems. Ultimately, you will receive full findings from automatic and human testing and mitigation measures.


(Photo : Screenshot from Veracode Official Website)

The cloud-based Veracode Application Security Platform streamlines web application penetration testing services it offers. The platform then receives the results of automatic scanning and manual online penetration testing. From this, you or your developers can examine vulnerabilities against your business security policy and quickly execute follow-up tests once the issue has been resolved.

Penetration testing companies like Veracode and its cloud-based security platform can help your firm conform to rules more easily (PCI DSS, HIPAA, NERC CIP, etc.). Their experts can detect security problems in mobile, desktop, back-end, and other apps and advise developers on preventative and remediation approaches.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Offers automated and manual web application penetration testing

  • Cloud-based solution where you get all results delivered immediately

  • Helps you comply with security rules and regulations

  • Provides insights on how to strengthen your web security policies

#3 Invicti Web Penetration Tester

Invicti’s web application testing services allow you to execute penetration tests on online applications to identify threat vectors and perform security assessments. The Invicti scanner examines the targets during automated web application penetration tests for hundreds of vulnerability variations such as SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting (XSS).


(Photo : Screenshot from Invicti Official Website)

Businesses and pen testers may do rigorous software penetration testing using an automated vulnerability assessment solution like Invincti’s without spending large sums of money or employing an army of professional penetration testers. Meanwhile, the vulnerability scanner enables enterprises to scan hundreds of online apps and web APIs for security flaws within hours. They can also repeatedly scan web apps inside the SDLC, preventing security vulnerabilities in live situations.

Furthermore, this solution employs a Chrome-based crawling engine capable of understanding and crawling any sort of old or modern web application. It fully supports JavaScript and can crawl HTML5, Web 2.0, Java, Single Page Applications, and other web applications that use JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS and React. It can also examine any online application supported by HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Automated web pen testing

  • It comes with a vulnerability assessment

  • Can scan any web application

  • Proof-based scanning technology to avoid manual verifications

  • Integration with your digital workspace

#4 HCL AppScan

HCL AppScan aids in the enhancement of web application and mobile application security. It increases application security and regulatory compliance by identifying security flaws and producing reports to strengthen security policies.

HCL AppScan

(Photo : Screenshot from HCL AppScan Official Website)

This web penetration tester allows development and QA to test during the SDLC process. It will enable you to choose which online applications you may test and who has access to report information. These reports were simply distributed and improved understanding of corporate hazards. Although it concentrates on detecting and correcting security problems, it also assures that you can meet security standards, such as ISO 27001, ISO 27002, PCI-DSS, etc.

With a penetration testing methodology like Dynamic (DAST), Static (SAST), and Interactive (IAST) monitoring, you can expect comprehensive web app pen testing. Aside from that, it also has scalable application security testing, DevOps Cloud application security testing, cognitive capabilities, test optimization, incremental scanning, and tackle complexity, among other things. It also connects smoothly with IBM Commerce. Using these capabilities, you can schedule scans to run daily, weekly, or monthly.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Lets you manage what specific part of a web application to test

  • Provides reports that raises vulnerability and risk concerns

  • Finds and fixes issues to strengthen your security infrastructure

  • Has security testing tools to ensure you meet industry-standards

#5 Black Belt Security

Black Belt Security or BB-SEC is a cyber security consulting firm specializing in high-quality cybersecurity services and solutions such as manual penetration testing services, security risk assessments, code analysis, and architectural evaluations.

Black Belt Security

(Photo : Black Belt Security)

Black Belt Security takes pride in its high-quality penetration testing services with a client-centric approach. They spend time comprehending your unique objectives, goals, and expectations, which might range from risk tolerance to industry-specific risks.

They use security expertise during testing to identify anything from zero-day vulnerabilities to known attack types. They then create repair assistance targeted to your individual needs and provide fix validation services.

Web Application Pen Testing Key Features

  • Detailed Web Application Penetration Testing: BB-SEC provides a comprehensive web application runtime analysis and inspection for a broad range of real-world vulnerabilities, including testing for OWASP Top 10 application security concerns such as cross-site scripting, sensitive data disclosure, and XXE security flaws.

  • Advanced Detailed and Manual Penetration Testing Techniques: It has sophisticated, detailed, and manual penetration testing approaches, such as web application fault injection and fuzzing techniques, that effectively detect zero-day vulnerabilities.

  • Comprehensive Security Assessment: It has a detailed and thorough infrastructure security evaluation of back-end systems against a database, API, and other service threats.

  • Designed for Your Needs: The pentesting coverage fits your specific requirements. Testing can be configured to be authenticated or unauthenticated, with a narrow or broad scope, a black/gray/white box, and so on.

  • Purple-Teaming Testing and Training Services: Offers purple-teaming testing and training solutions to help prevent web application attacks, including the potential inclusion of tracker headers or parameters to network requests.

BB-SEC provides mobile (Android & iOS), IoT / Embedded devices, network penetration testing, firmware, and other forms of security testing in addition to web application pen testing.


  • Trusted by customers based on previous testimonials

  • 1 round of validation is included in the assessment fee

  • A woman-owned business that ensures very in-depth, thorough testing

  • Employs the top 1% of cybersecurity talent. Penetration testers are subjected to a multi-stage verification procedure

  • Quick turnaround since Black Belt Security frequently works with firms that must fulfill audit deadlines

  • The testing procedure adheres to industry standards such as NIST, OWASP, OSSTMM, and PTES.  Black Belt Security is also an OWASP Corporate member

  • All security assessments are carried out by at least two assessors and follow a multi-staged quality control procedure to ensure that consumers receive high-quality service

Cybercriminals do not stop at easily detectable flaws in automated scanners. The most determined will go to any length to reach their goal, with some spending months testing every possible attack angle. Black Belt Security’s penetration testing effectively bridges this gap and prevents real-world hackers from causing harm. To begin, click here.

Black Belt Security is also running a limited-time “Finders Fee” deal of up to $3,000. If you suggest another company to Black Belt Security for a manual penetration test, you might get a $3,000 referral fee. You may also use it as a discount if you suggest your own company. Know more at www.blackbeltsec.com

Final Thoughts

With your business running online, you won’t be able to avoid incorporating web applications into your operations. Therefore, web application penetration testing services will greatly benefit you.

With our top 5 best pen testing specializing in web application testing, you can learn how to seek and flush out malicious threats in your system.

You can also take this opportunity to determine if your security policies can really protect your web infrastructure. If not, solutions like BlackBelt, RedTeam Security, Veracode, Invicti, and HCL AppScan can help you access more robust security measures.

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