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In today’s technology-driven world, mobile applications have become an integral part of our daily lives. From simplifying tasks to providing entertainment and fostering communication, apps have revolutionized the way we interact with our devices. Behind every successful app lies the hard work, creativity, and expertise of app developers. In this blog, we will dive into the realm of app development and shed light on the top app developers in the world, whose unparalleled skills and innovation have redefined the industry.

Apple Inc. (iOS):

As the creators of the iconic iPhone and App Store, Apple has set the benchmark for app development. Their commitment to user experience, design, and security has propelled them to the forefront of the industry. Apple’s stringent quality control measures ensure that apps developed for iOS devices deliver seamless performance, while their software development kits (SDKs) and frameworks provide developers with powerful tools to build innovative applications.

Google (Android):

Google’s Android operating system dominates the global smartphone market, making it a vital platform for app developers. The company’s developer tools, such as Android Studio and the Android SDK, provide an extensive range of resources and documentation to facilitate app creation. Google Play Store offers developers a vast audience to showcase their creations, and with a robust ecosystem of libraries and APIs, Google enables developers to build versatile and feature-rich applications.

Microsoft (Windows):

Known for its Windows operating system, Microsoft continues to play a significant role in the app development landscape. With the introduction of Universal Windows Platform (UWP), developers can create applications that run seamlessly across multiple Windows devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Microsoft provides comprehensive development tools like Visual Studio, empowering developers to leverage the full potential of Windows OS.


As the largest social media platform, Facebook has made substantial contributions to the app development community. With their developer-centric initiatives, such as Facebook for Developers, they offer a range of tools and APIs that enable developers to integrate their apps with the Facebook platform. The Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK) allows seamless integration of social features, analytics, and advertising capabilities, empowering developers to create engaging experiences for users.


Recognized globally for its creative software solutions, Adobe has made significant strides in app development with its Adobe Experience Platform. Offering a suite of tools like Adobe XD, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Adobe Analytics, they enable developers to create visually stunning and user-centric applications. Adobe’s commitment to cross-platform compatibility allows developers to deliver seamless experiences across various devices and operating systems.


Hailing from China, Tencent has established itself as a global leader in app development. The company’s WeChat platform, with over a billion users, serves as a gateway for developers to access a massive user base. Tencent’s developer resources, including APIs and SDKs, provide extensive functionalities for building innovative applications within their ecosystem. The company’s investment in gaming and entertainment applications has further solidified their position in the app development industry.



App developers play a pivotal role in shaping the digital landscape and enhancing user experiences across the globe. The top app developers mentioned in this blog exemplify innovation, technical expertise, and a commitment to delivering exceptional applications. Whether it’s Apple’s seamless user experience, Google’s versatility, or Microsoft’s platform integration, each developer has its unique strengths and contributions. In a world where mobile applications continue to dominate our lives, the expertise of these top app developers ensures that the future of app development remains bright and promising. Alongside the world’s top app developers mentioned, KMF is also here to assist you in building your own app. With our expertise and dedication to delivering high-quality applications, we provide a comprehensive range of services to help you bring your app idea to life. Connect with us to embark on your app development journey and harness the power of cutting-edge technology.

Hunter World Is The Next Big Thing on Mobile

You can pre-register for the global release right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

In the highly likely event that you haven’t come across Dragon Trail: Hunter World yet, here’s the lowdown on what the game is all about, and why we think it’s shaping up to be the next big thing on mobile.

Story-wise, Dragon Trail: Hunter World sees you playing as a young tribe member whose father has gone missing in mysterious circumstances.

On his quest for answers this intrepid youth stumbles into a battle with some savage beasts, meets a Fire Wythern hatchling, and takes possession of a sacred text called the Book of Loyat.

Your goals from this moment on are to reveal the prophecy of the Book of Loyat, find out what happened to your father, and cultivate a growing stable of fantastic beasts to send into battle against the vicious dragons that are persecuting your tribe.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World is set in a gorgeous tropical paradise called Star Island. This lush, beautifully rendered habitat bristles with detail, from flickering torches to rolling, tree-covered vistas.

The art is on point, too, from the costumes worn by the characters and their pets to the architecture of the stone arenas where the battles play out.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World is a masterclass in world-building, and it populates its world with a huge variety of fantastical beasts and monsters. Dotted around the island you’ll find Icy Bears, Bluish Parrots, Dragons, Mammoths, and more.

Each animal comes with its own unique skills and attributes. To make the most of your animals you’ll need to evolve them and place them in the best possible formations. Evolution is how you take a cute little Fire Wyvern and turn it into a badass reptilian warrior.

A well-balanced Dragoncide Squad is the difference between victory and getting all mashed up by an angry dragon.

You can pick from four different character classes in Dragon Trail: Hunter World – Ranger, Shadowhunter, Warrior, and Priest.

The Ranger specializes in ranged attacks, using her bow and arrow to pick off enemies from a safe vantage point. Not only that, but Ranger can also collect intel, making her an invaluable class.

Shadowhunter, meanwhile, is a melee fighter with a difference. Shadowhunter is basically an assassin, operating in darkness and using cunning disguises to get close to their enemies before delivering brutal one-punch kills.

The Warrior is a straight up bruiser, delivering lots of damage and taking little, while the Priest is a helpful character who specializes in protecting and healing their teammates.

In terms of classes and what they do on the battlefield, Dragon Trail: Hunter World isn’t adding a huge amount to the genre. But it shakes things up with a unique mentor system, which lets you complete missions in exchange for currency to spend on gear for your squad.

To get ahead you’ll need to keep training and evolving your pets, leveling up your heroes, hustling for resources, and exploring Star Island.

In many respects, Dragon Trail: Hunter World is a conventional mobile RPG. But it breaks the mold in several different ways.

First up, it’s a visual feast. Just look at the screenshots. Watch the CGI trailer. Check out the gameplay videos on the Dragon Trail: Hunter World Facebook page. Never before have the words “console quality” been more applicable.

And the story is great, too, with a powerful narrative thread to follow as you kill dragons, bond with pets, and generally immerse yourself in a beautifully realized fantasy world.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World will be out later this year. In the meantime, you can pre-register for it right now on Android and iOS.

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Head to Space for a Fun Battle Adventure in Wrist Nebula on Apple Watch

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5 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Register for Era of Conquest

Before we explain exactly why you need to sign up and get involved, here’s a little background on what’s shaping up to be the biggest mobile strategy game of 2022.

Already available in China, Era of Conquest is a 4x RTS that lets you choose from ten different real-world empires, cultures, and ethnicities. They include Arab, Roman, British, French, and so on. There are historical heroes to collect as well, all of them boasting their own unique skills in battle.

Once you’ve made your choice, you need to steer your people to glory on a vast world map spanning 120 square kilometers.

Era of Conquest is a game for everyone, all at the same time. Not only is it cross-platform, but its servers are global, and the game supports 19 languages and counting. That means you’re not confined to taking on other players on your platform and in your region.

Instead, you’ll be able to battle for dominance against pretty much everybody else on earth. Or you can play nice, joining alliances in order to pool your resources and consolidate your power.

Either way, you’re in for an epic strategy gaming experience that will test your mettle and tax your military mind.

What it won’t do, however, is tax your wallet. Era of Conquest’s developers have ensured that the game remains fair by preventing wealthier players from paying their way to victory.

Between battles your troop numbers replenish automatically through a process of conscription. There’s nothing you can do to speed this up, though you can open conscription boxes to swell your numbers. And you earn conscription boxes by competing in PvP matches.

Hear that? You earn them. You don’t buy them, and nor can you expedite the conscription process by spending resources or in-game currency. Era of Conquest is a huge, bloody, and totally level playing field.

It’s also gorgeous, with slick 3D graphics and support for up to 6,000 troops in a single battle, thanks to some technological wizardry.

So here are 5 reasons exactly why you should pre-register right now:

1. It’s already a hit. Era of Conquest has been out in China for a while, and it’s gone down a storm over there. Not only has it hit the top of the App Store download chart, but Apple’s editors have featured it on the front page several times. They don’t just do that for any old game.

2. You’ll get the drop on your rivals. Chances are, everybody is going to be playing Era of Conquest in a couple of months, and the Early Bird is a golf-plated opportunity to get in on the ground floor, building up your skills and learning the gameplay in advance of the wars to come.

3. You’ll be able to start making friends. Era of Conquest isn’t all about going toe to toe with your fellow players. It’s also about teaming up and forging powerful alliances, built on trust and mutual cooperation. Joining the Early Bird will let you start laying down those roots before most of the competition.

4. You get to keep what you buy. Era of Conquest’s Early Bird isn’t purely about skilling up. It’s also about laying the foundations of a powerful civilization by investing early. Early bird data will be saved on the server too, so nothing will be lost when the game launches – you’ll receive a refund for anything you purchase during the event.

5. You’ll get to keep your data too. Any levels you’ve gained and territory you’ve captured during the Early Bird will remain yours after Era of Conquest launches. While most other players are still fumbling around in the wilderness, you’ll be master of your domain.

The Era of Conquest Early Bird is set to go live on July 14 at 8 a.m EST. Head to the Google Play Store to sign up now.

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Apple Announces New Lockdown Mode Coming This Fall

Lockdown Mode is an option for people who might be targeted by digital threats. While it’s designed for a small subset of users, anyone can activate the mode.

Here’s some of the security features in Lockdown Mode according to Apple:

Messages: Most message attachment types other than images are blocked. Some features, like link previews, are disabled.
Web browsing: Certain complex web technologies, like just-in-time (JIT) JavaScript compilation, are disabled unless the user excludes a trusted site from Lockdown Mode.
Apple services: Incoming invitations and service requests, including FaceTime calls, are blocked if the user has not previously sent the initiator a call or request.
Wired connections with a computer or accessory are blocked when iPhone is locked.
Configuration profiles cannot be installed, and the device cannot enroll into mobile device management (MDM), while Lockdown Mode is turned on.

Over time, Apple will strengthen the mode and continue to add features.

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Jump Into the Fragmented World of Incoherence

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New Pestle Update Allows You to Share Recipes and Meal Plans With Others

Most importantly, you can now share recipes and meal plans using the Pestle Households feature.

You can share the invite link with others and they will be able to see your cookbook. You will also be able to see theirs.

Another nice addition is the ability to edit recipes before you import the information into Pestle.

Other changes include an overhauled shopping list a a new parser to help gather recipe information from sites.

You can download Pestle now on the App Store for free.

Along with the recipe scanner feature, the Pestle Pro subscription includes unlimited recipes, cross-device sync, a meal plan option for the next two weeks, and much more.

That’s $9.99 per year or $0.99 per month. You can also unlock a lifetime subscription for $24.99.

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Fiitscape Shows You Can Have Fun While Getting Fit

On the surface, Fitscape provides a fantasy-style 16-bit MMORPG for casual game play. There’s obviously a fun twist.

All of the character progression and world movement is driven by your real-world physical activity. More than 80 activities supported, everything from strength training to meditation. All of your activity is also integrated in Apple’s Health app so you will get daily credit.

While not active, you can still Enjo the game with tons of quests, enemies to discover, and more. The game also offers an online component so you can share the experience and journey with others.

Made for both gamers and non-gamers Fitscape wants to help give to a nudge to start a new routine or stay more active.

Designed for the iPhone, Fitscape is a free download on the App Store. There are in-app purchases available for a membership that unlocks additional features in the game. You can also purchase in-game Fitcoins.

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