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React JS

Controls elements and utilities for React Native video players. Components Included: VideoControls ControlSlider ControlThumb ControlVideoState ControlFullScreen ControlTouchable Hooks Included: useControlSlider useControlsVideoState useControlFullScreen useControlThumb useLayout useTapGesture / useLongPressGesture useTimeFromThumb useControlsVisibility usePinchGesture Installation: # Yarn $ yarn add @premieroctet/react-native-video-controls # NPM $ npm i @premieroctet/react-native-video-controls Basic usage: <VideoControls componentsProps={componentProps} components={components} onFastForward={onFastForward} onFastRewind={onFastRewind} videoElement={ <Video

A customizable dark mode toggle switch component for React. How to use it: 1. Install & download. npm install @anatoliygatt/dark-mode-toggle @emotion/react @emotion/styled 2. Import the DarkModeToggle component. import { useState } from 'react'; import { DarkModeToggle } from '@anatoliygatt/dark-mode-toggle'; 3. Add the dark mode toggle to the

An introduction page carousel (onboarding) animated with pagination. How to use it: 1. Install and import the react-native-intro-carousel. # Yarn $ yarn add react-native-intro-carousel # NPM $ npm i react-native-intro-carousel import * as React from 'react'; import { Image, StyleSheet, View } from 'react-native'; import Carousel from 'react-native-intro-carousel'; 2. The

A dropdown item picker with search and autocomplete (typeahead) functionality for React Native. How to use it: 1. Installation. # Yarn $ yarn add react-native-autocomplete-dropdown # NPM $ npm i react-native-autocomplete-dropdown 2. Import the autocomplete dropdown component. import { AutocompleteDropdown } from 'react-native-autocomplete-dropdown'; 3. Basic usage. const [selectedItem, setSelectedItem] =

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