You can pre-register for the global release right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

In the highly likely event that you haven’t come across Dragon Trail: Hunter World yet, here’s the lowdown on what the game is all about, and why we think it’s shaping up to be the next big thing on mobile.

Story-wise, Dragon Trail: Hunter World sees you playing as a young tribe member whose father has gone missing in mysterious circumstances.

On his quest for answers this intrepid youth stumbles into a battle with some savage beasts, meets a Fire Wythern hatchling, and takes possession of a sacred text called the Book of Loyat.

Your goals from this moment on are to reveal the prophecy of the Book of Loyat, find out what happened to your father, and cultivate a growing stable of fantastic beasts to send into battle against the vicious dragons that are persecuting your tribe.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World is set in a gorgeous tropical paradise called Star Island. This lush, beautifully rendered habitat bristles with detail, from flickering torches to rolling, tree-covered vistas.

The art is on point, too, from the costumes worn by the characters and their pets to the architecture of the stone arenas where the battles play out.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World is a masterclass in world-building, and it populates its world with a huge variety of fantastical beasts and monsters. Dotted around the island you’ll find Icy Bears, Bluish Parrots, Dragons, Mammoths, and more.

Each animal comes with its own unique skills and attributes. To make the most of your animals you’ll need to evolve them and place them in the best possible formations. Evolution is how you take a cute little Fire Wyvern and turn it into a badass reptilian warrior.

A well-balanced Dragoncide Squad is the difference between victory and getting all mashed up by an angry dragon.

You can pick from four different character classes in Dragon Trail: Hunter World – Ranger, Shadowhunter, Warrior, and Priest.

The Ranger specializes in ranged attacks, using her bow and arrow to pick off enemies from a safe vantage point. Not only that, but Ranger can also collect intel, making her an invaluable class.

Shadowhunter, meanwhile, is a melee fighter with a difference. Shadowhunter is basically an assassin, operating in darkness and using cunning disguises to get close to their enemies before delivering brutal one-punch kills.

The Warrior is a straight up bruiser, delivering lots of damage and taking little, while the Priest is a helpful character who specializes in protecting and healing their teammates.

In terms of classes and what they do on the battlefield, Dragon Trail: Hunter World isn’t adding a huge amount to the genre. But it shakes things up with a unique mentor system, which lets you complete missions in exchange for currency to spend on gear for your squad.

To get ahead you’ll need to keep training and evolving your pets, leveling up your heroes, hustling for resources, and exploring Star Island.

In many respects, Dragon Trail: Hunter World is a conventional mobile RPG. But it breaks the mold in several different ways.

First up, it’s a visual feast. Just look at the screenshots. Watch the CGI trailer. Check out the gameplay videos on the Dragon Trail: Hunter World Facebook page. Never before have the words “console quality” been more applicable.

And the story is great, too, with a powerful narrative thread to follow as you kill dragons, bond with pets, and generally immerse yourself in a beautifully realized fantasy world.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World will be out later this year. In the meantime, you can pre-register for it right now on Android and iOS.

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