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15 St Margarets, NY 10033
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About us

Your challenge - and ours – is to embrace that

We Create new capabilities and respond to technology needs of tomorrow, today.
Our vastly different backgrounds and experiences mix to create a truly unique experience for our clients and their customers

Our Process

While every project tends to take on a life of its own, we generally
adhere to the following process:


The team at KMF works diligently to discover everything about our clients’ business, from company values to short- and long-term objectives, because we feel that we need to understand your business at its core before we can begin creating your digital footprint. The Discovery process is about transparency and dedication, both on our end and on the part of our clients. It ensures a mutual investment from both parties and a solid foundation from which to build the rest of the project, including deadlines, marketing strategies, creative and technical briefings, design, and development.


Since each client and their needs are unique, our in-house artists begin by identifying valuable existing content (logos, typeface, colors) and start developing the visual brand. At this point, the creative process can take many different paths depending on the goals of the project, whether for print, interactive web design, branding, e-commerce, or inbound marketing. This allows us to collaborate and revise any designs or copy and adjust the direction (if needed) prior to beginning the development stage.


We use the latest W3C standards, HTML, CSS and jQuery to build that is fast, scalable and is cross-browser compatible for Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 7+, Safari 4+ and Chrome.We will be using PHP / MySQL to build the back-end of the website to ensure that it is scalable and secure. Whether you choose WordPress or a custom framework everything we do is modular, which means if a year down the road you want to add a new feature it can be done easily, without having to rebuild the entire site.


Throughout the development process we will be testing the functionality and appearance on multiple browser platforms. Deep engagement with the client is our key to ensuring long-term success.All of our sites have a 30 day maintenance period, meaning if you don't love something, we'll change it, free of charge.Our clients’ satisfaction means a lot to us, and we aim to make good on our promises.
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